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Ralph Ryder


Edge Radio Broadcast Toxic Issues Correspondent.


Ralph Ryder has been an Anti Toxics campaigner for over 20 years. As Director of the UK based Communities Against Toxics. he has traveled the globe imparting his knowledge and experience and has been involved in many successful, high profile campaigns. Ralph has many contacts and works closely with many international experts including Professor Paul Connett, who was interviewed by Daniel Ott in 2004 (Click here to listen). Ralph is also Writer and Editor of the much acclaimed ToxCats Magazine, a bi-monthly journal highlighting the real, pollution issues we should all be worried about. Ralph Ryder is a very much sought after campaigner and has earned the respect of medical and scientific experts the world over. The graphic "After Incineration", shown at the top this bio, is a published report, co-written by Ralph and Jindrich Petrlik, MSc of Arnika Association - Toxic and Waste Program in the Czech Republic, http://english.arnika.org and serves as an example of the excellent, international work Ralph has accomplished.

Specialist Subjects
Pollution & Health, clinical waste incineration and toxic waste




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