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From the Desk of Andy Radford


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spiritflow.jpg (17036 bytes)

The Same Spirit Flows: It is the same spirit that flows through us all and this allows us the chance to celebrate individuality and the freedoms it brings. Why throw words of anger at it, thus transposing it into a dark side of spirituality.

_325543_famine300.jpg (16065 bytes)

The Right Thing Regardless of Belief: The rhetoric and disagreements of belief systems, at the epicenter of disaster, are set aside (not forgotten) for the sake of alleviating suffering and so they should be. The only essential belief at this point is the belief in one's ability to do the right thing for a suffering citizen who may not believe what you believe.

dandylion1.JPG (192825 bytes)

The Inspirational Flame: When you look upon the sadness in this world and despair at the enormity of what lies before a hopelessness befalls you, the solution a closed door. yet your one inspired thought aimed at another can open a path for future sister and brother.

inflood2.JPG (5774200 bytes)

The River of Despair: You stand on a desperate bank peering into the torrent. It mocks and slanders you, it wants you to stumble and rejoin the flood of blind thinking. The River of Despair is a hypnotic lure that says you are wrong and promises an easy life if you would just jump in.

Love is Far From Passive: Love is the protector of all, beware love's shield when it becomes a sword.

starvation3.gif (42747 bytes)

Tolerance and Common Ground: ...And if after all of that you urge to turn your back 'cause you feel righteous in your facts and arrogance, then please question the demonic pain you bring upon your fellow kind and be aware of the one who pulls the ebb and flow of the demonic tide. Understand how these dark waters can engulf us with your bitterness, anger and hatred. Understand the drowned and putrid odor of rotting love, harmony, innocence....

neb.jpg (33534 bytes)

Our Miniscule Speck of Stardust: So fragile, so easily swept away.....................

rose1web.jpg (58204 bytes)

Light of Friendship: For a friend I would listen 'till day is long, as no word of theirs I could weary, for my mind is a forever open door........................

aut11web.jpg (152443 bytes)

Assumptions of truth: One has to understand the simplicity of truth before one makes assumptions. Assumptions are based on opinion and belief structures, therefore truth must come into question if it is shrouded in the latter. "Truth" is undeniable and it cannot be questioned for the simple reason is that any "truth" is blatantly obvious. If a "truth" can be argued against then surely it is not the "truth". For example, when it rains the ground becomes wet. No one can argue against this because it is an undeniable fact. When the ground becomes saturated, it fills the reservoirs then, ultimately, sustains life.


Monsanto Story

The Monsanto Story: produced, written and narrated by Andy Radford. This documentary charts the corporation's history up to the mid 90's, when a major chemical leak affected Andy's family and the North Wales village where he lives. 

The Fluoride Deception: Dr. Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network talks to Christopher Bryson, author of the Fluoride Deception.

Dr. Paul Connett has close links with Communities Against Toxics, a UK based action group. Andy is a member of this organization.

Audio Shorts

What is Truth? Truth is brilliant glowing gemstone, laying on a bed of an ocean of mankind, encased it layers of silt...

The System Virus: As each new person becomes infected the "system" becomes stronger. Like all viruses it has symptoms and these symptoms include: a false assumption of freedom, a need to be like the rest, fear of change, fear of difference, fear of standing out from the crowd, fear of speaking one's mind, fear of other people......





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