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 May 1st, 2004


Ancient Astronauts   Planet X   


Mr. Jason Martell is a world-renowned researcher and lecturer specializing in the ancient Sumerian culture, Sumerís advanced technology, and how it relates to Planet X. Backed by leading scientists from the mainstream scientific community, Mr. Martell has been a guest on numerous television shows, radio programs and has given lectures throughout the world.

Mr. Martell has dedicated his studies to scientific research, factual data and supporting evidence. For almost a decade, Mr. Martell has researched NASA data of possible artificial structures on Mars, Ancient Astronauts, and the Sumerian culture.

Mr. Martell has based his findings in conjunction with principal ancient scholars such as Zecharia Sitchin, and scientists such as Dr. Robert Harrington. He has corresponded with top NASA scientists on the subject of Planet X, and the structures on Mars.


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 April 24th, 2004



The Day of the LORD is at Hand


Nov. 20th. 1st Hour

Nov. 20th. 2nd Hour
July 17th Interview
June 5th Interview    
April 24th 1st Hour 
April 24th 2nd Hour  
  April 17th Interview 


 The Rapture, Tribulation, Armageddon, The Last Days, Bible Prophecy Fulfilled, The Mark of the Beast - 666, Terrorism, 9/11. Benjamin's message is unique as Benjamin has been able to hear the audible voice of God throughout his life. In 1996, Benjamin was managing money on Wall Street and spent over a year in prayer seeking guidance from God on when to exit the stock market. Shortly after Benjamin's fortieth birthday, God answered. In a series of visions and audible revelations from God, Benjamin was shown the future of America.


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 April 17th, 2004


The Absurdities of Water Fluoridation



Water fluoridation is a peculiarly American phenomenon. It started at a time when Asbestos lined our pipes, lead was added to gasoline, PCBs filled our transformers and DDT was deemed so "safe and effective" that officials felt no qualms spraying kids in school classrooms and seated at picnic tables. One by one all these chemicals have been banned, but fluoridation remains untouched.

For over 50 years US government officials have confidently and enthusiastically claimed that fluoridation is "safe and effective". However, they are seldom prepared to defend the practice in open public debate. Actually, there are so many arguments against fluoridation that it can get overwhelming.

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 April 15th, 2004

SHANE LESTER - Origin of Sasquatch




Deep in the woods of Tennessee in 1835, an unparalleled encounter occurs. David Patten unwittingly opens a new facet of the future mystery of Sasquatch. Clan of Cain: The Genesis of Bigfoot represents a new theory about the origins of the legendary Bigfoot.


"Clan of Cain addresses a new dimension to the Bigfoot story. Never before has an author on the subject of Bigfoot linked the mystical; the paranormal Sasquatch to the origins of Christianity".





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 April 10th, 2004


Metaphysical Phenomenon in Bible


April 3rd Interview

John Milor was born in Madera, C.A., and currently lives in Fresno C.A. While he has distinguished himself with a BS degree, and is currently employed by the Air Force National Guard as a computer security officer, he has a devout interest in the ancient texts known as the Bible. The enigma of prophesy, and other metaphysical phenomenon contained within the Bible, inspire this author in his quest for truth




Aliens in the Bible (A biblical perspective of supernatural entities, realms of existence, and phenomenon) Apparition


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 April 3rd, 2004

RODNEY CLUFF - Hollow Planets



RODNEY M. CLUFF, author of World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow!  firmly believes our Earth is hollow. Backed with scientific evidence, including satellite photos of the polar holes, analysis of the observations of polar explorers, analysis of earthquake data and much more--coupled with evidence from the scriptures that the Lost Tribes of Israel are now FOUND within the Hollow of Our Earth, he presents his argument in favor of the Hollow Earth Theory.

Could the earth, moon, planets and stars all be hollow bodies?
Amazingly, the answer is Yes!
And very likely inhabited within!
Come join us on our voyage of discovery...





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 April 1st, 2004

DR. JEFFREY SATINOVER, M.D.  Author/Lecturer


Cracking The Bible Code

The Great Marriage Debate

The Quantum Brain


Cracking the Bible Code is the first fully-researched and fully-documented account of the codes--a story far more rich, strange and stunning, and with far more to tantalize both skeptics and enthusiasts than has yet anywhere been told. Dr. Jeffrey Satinover reveals the codes' fascinating past, counters recent sensational and inaccurate representations of the codes and explains both sides of the increasingly heated debate as to their authenticity. He clarifies their profound implications, should they prove real, for our view of God, faith and fate.


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