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Sept. 30th, 2006

Eric Julien

UFOs Explained at Last


Eric Julien   09.30.06


Eric Julien is on the first hour. Finally, here is the breakthrough work that solves the mystery of UFOs and paranormal phenomena. After more than a half century of investigation, Eric Julien offers a global and scientific solution to one of the greatest challenges known to science. For Julien, the fractal nature of time and its three dimensions, led to the emergence of a revolutionary global theory: Absolute Relativity!


Even though this work is of a scientific nature, the general public can easily understand it. The precise explanations in this book will highlight the mistakes of science and will furthermore offer insight into extraterrestrial technology, which the author calls ExtraTemporal. Diagrams are included.


The Science of Extraterrestrials explains anti-gravitation, propulsion of UFOs, alien abductions, formation of crop circles, strange luminous phenomena, poltergeists, ghosts, postmortem survival and time travel. All these phenomena are explained by this single, unique concept. This book will undoubtedly create a philosophical revolution.



Guest Website

Sept. 30th, 2006

Bill Wiese


Bill Wiese   09.30.06


 23 Minutes In  HELL

Bill Wiese, on the night of November 23, 1998 , had an out of body experience whereby the Lord showed him Hell. This was not a dream, but rather a supernatural experience that placed Bill in a prison cell with stone walls and metal bars.  He was confronted and tortured by demons, had no physical strength, no rest and was surrounded by darkness.  Besides physical attacks, he felt extreme heat, unquenchable thirst, heard millions of people screaming, endured intense foul odors, experienced complete utter fear and worst of all, he felt the hopelessness of being lost forever.  In his testimony, Bill shares that he found himself in Hell and the fact that he was a Christian was hidden from his mind. To really experience the hopelessness of being lost forever, the Lord kept the knowledge from him that he was saved.  Before ascending in a cavern-like tunnel, Bill found himself near pits of fire and experienced the horrific sight of desperate people trying to climb out of these pits to no avail. After a time of ascending in this tunnel, an incredible bright light appeared. Instantly, Bill knew this was Jesus and fell at his feet, so grateful to be rescued from an eternity in this place of agonizing torment.  Jesus told him it was not his desire that any perish and go to that place of torment.  We as Christians need to warn those people who don’t know Him that He is the only way to salvation (John 14:6).  Those who reject him are cast into the lake of fire for eternity (Rev 20:15).  Jesus told him that many people, even some Christians do not believe in a literal Hell.  If we as Christians know the truth and severity of Hell, we would be more apt to warn others.  The Bible states in 2 Corinthians 5:11, “Knowing therefore the Terror of the Lord, we persuade men”.

 The Lord has graciously opened doors for Bill and his wife, Annette, to share this experience with many Church Congregations, bible study groups and numerous pastors.  He has been a guest on several dozen radio talk shows and has appeared on various television shows including TBN, Day Star, Family Net, Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” television show and other cable shows. He has traveled to speak at various churches throughout the country.  In the last seven years, the Lord has blessed Bill and Annette by helping them bring this message to millions of people.


Sept. 16th, 2006

Bishop of bishops  

"Representing the man Christ Jesus,

Dr. Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda - God on Earth"

Bishop Carlos Cestero    09.16.06


THE BEGINNING…He left everything - position, homestead and all to be faithful to what two angels clearly communicated to Him one unforgettable night: “…The King of Kings and Lord of Lords has come to anoint you for the Ministry”, and God integrated into His mind.  It has now been over 30 years since the powerful revelation that caused an immeasurable impact in His life, calling Him to share it with the whole world and lead the biggest reform on Earth… 


    Carlos Cestero

It all began with six close listeners in the backyard of a house while being shaded by a tree. Of those six, only one remained.  The rest abandoned Him when they heard Him say, “I will reach all nations”, and was constituted crazy.  He then revealed, “… the angel has said to me that among us, one will have boundless wealth”.  That man, Lazaro Seijo, stood up and said out loud, “I receive it”.  Today, he is one among the millions of blessed angels worldwide who have been enlightened with this Word that activates prosperity. For the first time in History, one man – Dr. Jose Luis de Jesus – leads the world by utilizing the power of the Internet and satellite signals to continuously spread the Gospel of Grace until He reaches all nations, bringing them into one unit, the unity of the Spirit, and to the obedience of faith (Romans 1:5).With over 30 countries already reached, more than 300 educational centers, His own TV and radio satellite channels, 300+ TV and radio programs, an entourage of 300+ faithful Pastors, and a ministry of millions of followers growing in numbers everyday…The nations are shaking as the man Christ Jesus is leading the biggest reform the world has ever seen.


Sept. 16th, 2006 


The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse


Patrick Heron    09.16.06

Patrick Heron was born in Dublin in 1952. When he was 24 years old, he had a "Saul on the road to Damascus" type of epiphany while reading the Bible. Thus began his Christian walk. He became interested in bible prophecy concerning the "end times" about 1996.

In 1997, his first book Apocalypse Soon was published and became a bestseller in Ireland. It entered the Irish bestsellers list after an interview with Gareth O'Callaghan, on RTE radio, who said he "read it in one sitting and was gripped." Another book Apocalypse 2000 was also a success.

There has recently been amazing interest to-date in this new book The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse, published by Xulon Press, which Patrick believes is the FIRST EVER book proving overwhelmingly who built the pyramids and why.

Guest Website

   Sept. 16th, 2006 10:00 PM 3rd Hour  

Beth Vegh

Aliens, UFOs & Biblical Texts


Beth Vegh  09.16.06



Beth is currently an investigative author, focusing on ancient texts related to Sumer and biblical eschatology. Her research includes areas such as the ancient Sumerians, the biblical nephilim, hebrew pseudopigraphia, the Book of Revelation, and "star gates."



Guest Website




  Sept. 9th, 2006

Terry James

The Rapture Dialogues: Dark Dimension


Terry James         09.09.06


Terry James is author, general editor, and co-author of numerous books on Bible prophecy, hundreds of thousands of which have been sold worldwide. James is a frequent lecturer on the study of end time phenomena, and interviews often with international media on topics involving world issues and events as they might relate to Bible prophecy.www.raptureready.com website, a site that is the attraction of national and international media, and was recently rated as the #1 Bible prophecy website on the Internet. The site has received attention from CBS, ABC, NBC, BBC, Time Magazine, The Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, and many other broadcast venues and publications across America, and the world. James writes a weekly column for the site, Nearing Midnight, and contributes in-depth articles on a continuing basis.   

He is an active member of the PreTrib Research Center Study Group, a prophecy research think-tank founded by Dr. Tim LaHaye, the co-author of the multi-million selling “Left Behind” series of novels. He is a regular participant in their annual mid-America prophecy conference, where he speaks, and holds a Question and Answer series of sessions on current world events as they might relate to Bible prophecy. 

Some of Mr. James’ titles include:  

  • The Rapture Dialogues: Dark Dimension, a novel, 2006, VMI/Musterion Press

  • Are You Rapture Ready? (Foreword by Tim LaHaye), 2003, Penguin/Putnam/Dutton, trade paperback under Plume imprint

  • Adam’s Apples, a children’s novel, 2003, Publish America

  • Prophecy At Ground Zero, 2002, Starburst Publishers

  • Piercing the Future, 2000, Nelson Walker Publishers

  • Jacob’s Trouble 666, a novel, 1999, Nelson Walker Publishers

  • Foreshadows of Wrath and Redemption, 1999, Harvest House

  • Forewarning, 1998, Harvest House

  • Foreshocks of Antichrist, 1997, Harvest House

  • Earth’s Final Days, 1996, New Leaf Press

  • Raging into Apocalypse, 1995, New Leaf Press

  • The Triumphant Return of Christ, 1994, New Leaf Press

  • Storming Toward Armageddon, 1993, New Leaf Press



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DVD Author: Henry P. Middlebrook / AKA Team Captain

Captured numerous UFO's engaging in aerial battle.

Team Captain   DVD Review

Sept. 9th, 2006

John P. Johnston

Reincarnation  "This Side of the Gate"


John Johnston         09.09.06

John P. Johnston holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Washington. His first novel, This Side of the Gate, was published by AuthorHouse in October, 2005. In February, 2006 John appeared on Contact Talk Radio, The Sixth Sense, with Alan and Margaret McElroy. In 2006 Planet Starz – Mystic Living Today published an online interview and book review, and continues to publish articles from the author’s Ancient Wisdom Series. After 25 years in the field of corrections, John is now retired and writing fulltime. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his lovely wife – his constant companion and chief editor. John is an avid reader in the areas of psychology, philosophy, and metaphysics.

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   Sept. 2nd, 2006    

Pater Havlasa

911 Public Inquiry Board


Pater Havlasa   09.02.06


Pater Havlasa is a journalist, published internationally. Written a book everyone was afraid to touch before! 911 on the hidden agenda of the ruling class and the many methods to maintain control of USA.  His raison d'etre now is doing 911 Public Inquiry since the 911 commission report has failed us by the board's own admissions.  His overall point is that what the US has been has never been human in the Christian ideal sense and 911 and the subsequent assault of sovereign nations abroad has been mismanaged so badly even by the gov't insiders that the truth about US imperialism is now widely known -- but under no circumstance should this be a surprise to anyone.
Pater is on the 911 Public Inquiry board, which is being formed -- are for the first time offering the US public the possibility to actually do something about it.  Today, the 911 truth movement meets with lots of shrugs of the shoulders because people, even though dismayed, don't know what to do about since all layers of gov't have failed us collectively.
 Our 911 Public Inquiry (which includes members like Greg Szymanski, Anthony Hilder, Gary Arnold, S Jones, R Olmert) is the venue by which the US public can take a bit control.  This is a call to every US citizen to join and help no matter what side one stands on.
 Mr. Havlasa is leading 911 Public Inquiry in attempt to unify the  US public in hope to avert WWIII and reclaim the  kidnapped US.   He will try to dispel with historical info any myth about US which precludes people from believing that such attack could simply never be orchestrated by our own gov't.



The Falcon, The Fallon and The Theory of Everything  by Grace G. 



http://www.penultimateimprint.com for more information. 


Grace G.   09.02.06


        Sept. 2nd, 2006        

William Birnes

Worker in the Light


William Birnes 09.02.06



William J. Birnes is the co author with George Noory of a new book called "Worker in the Light" hitting the shelves this September. William is publisher of UFO Magazine celebrating their 20th year in print. William Birnes is a New York Times best-selling author, a magazine publisher, and a New York literary publishing agent who has written and edited over twenty-five books and encyclopedias in the fields of human behavior, true crime, current affairs, history, psychology, business, computing, and the paranormal. As publisher of the nationally distributed “UFO Magazine,” editor of The UFO Encyclopedia published by Pocket Books, and co-author, with the nation’s top radio talk-show host, George Noory, of A Worker In The Light, Dr. Birnes has added to his list of publications in the UFO/Paranormal field, which include: The Day After Roswell, Unsolved UFO Mysteries, and The Haunting of the Presidents.



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August 26th, 2006


Visions of America's Coming Catastrophes


Red Elk   08.26.06 1st

Red Elk  08.26.06 2nd

Red Elk's Edge Prayer

Red Elk, a half breed Medicine /Wakian man (spiritual teacher), belongs to three Native American societies but does not represent any Indian nation. "I represent only the Inner Heyoka Society. Our orders do not come from man, but from the Creator only. In so doing, many traditional ways are 'stepped on'. If anyone has a complaint, go to the Creator and tell HIM. I will continue to do what I and the others are ordered."

In 1973 Red Elk went on a long fast, taking water, juices, and vitamins. On or about the 49th day Red Elk begin to experience a vision about the future. For a little more than an hour each day for 3 days Red Elk saw and experienced a future that he didn't want to see. The East and West coasts of America subside, a huge meteor strikes the Atlantic, unimaginably great earthquakes rip apart the earth as massive volcanic eruptions darken the skies and blacken the land. Nuclear war, drought, disease, starvation, lawlessness and mass murder overtake the American people and the world. The Sun's activity explodes as solar flares, heat, and radiation transform the once green and bountiful Earth into a fiery Hell. But these tribulations pale in comparison to what soon follows as the earth's axis flips and ensuing floods and 300 mile per hour winds savagely destroy buildings, people, ecosystems and entire nations.

Red Elk believes that there is Hope and that we have time to change and prepare... But the first thing we must change is ourselves.


Guest Website




August 19th, 2006

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

End Time Prophesies


Jonathan Hansen 08.16.06 1st

Jonathan Hansen  08.16.06 2nd


Dr. Jonathan Hansen will be our guest this Saturday. In August, 1995, the Lord moved Dr. Hansen and his family back to America where he began to prepare to warn the church and the people of the United States of God's judgment upon them and why. The Lord gave him a release to begin on September 29, 1997, when he shared the warning and prophecies on a Seattle radio station. In 1998 he was released to begin sharing with the people at large. Dr. Hansen still travels extensively internationally, sharing the warnings of God, and what the nations can do to hold back God's judgment. Apostolically, Dr. Hansen has trained people for ministry wherever he has traveled or pastored, sending them out to the nations. He also provides apostolic leadership to many different pastors throughout the United States, as well as other countries. Dr. Hansen is Director of World Theological Centre for Evangelism and Missions, training people to become "...a flame of fire" according to Heb. 1:7.  Besides leading WMI, Dr. Hansen is currently on both the Missions Committee and Board of Directors for Beacon University.




Guest Website



        August 5th, 2006            

James Casbolt  

Former MI6 Agent: Underground Bases,

Missing Children and Extra-Terrestrials


   Read this important letter on DUMBS 


James Casbolt  08.05.06 1st

James Casbolt  08.05.06 2nd


James Casbolt, a former MI6 agent who worked in  'Black ops' drug trafficking operations in London between 1995 and 1999. He comes from a line of intelligence people. His grandfather was naval intelligence, his father was MI6 who was also involved in 'Black ops' and his uncle was an MI5 officer in Logistics. From Cornwall England, James talks with Daniel about his wishes to make amends for his part in these operations and blow the whistle on the crimes against Humanity that the intelligence agencies are involved in. MI6 and the CIA have cornered the global drugs trade (which is worth at least £500 billion a year, this is more than the global oil trade) and are now bringing the majority of illegal street drugs into America and Britain.


They are using this drug money to fund projects classified 'Above top secret' which include the building and maintaining of deep underground military bases (DUMBS). There are at least 1400 of these bases worldwide The average depth of these bases is four and a quarter miles. Some are shallower and some are deeper. The bases are on average the size of a medium sized city and yes, he says there are aliens in them.


James is connected to ex intelligence people who have worked in these underground bases and on other ET related projects and he wishes to confirm and support Hannah Billups case. "I was brought to tears when I heard Hannah's first interview with Daniel Ott because I know 100% that this is going on." There are vast numbers of children and adults disappearing around the world and ending up in these underground bases. As a former MI6 Agent that has seen aliens first hand and he has inside information that will shock even the most disbelieving person.  James has an implant in his head which he believes they track him with. Mr. Casbolt is going public for the first time in a major way by appearing on The Edge Radio Broadcast. What he has to say will be well worth listening to.


Website: www.jamescasbolt.com

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