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Saturday July 14th,  2007 

Daniel & Jamie Ott


Daniel & Jamie take calls


Something freaky happen to you? Seen a ghost , monster, alien or just had a scary nightmare?  Don't agree with something a guest said or even something the host said? Now's your chance to tell your story with Daniel and Jamie on the air.


Share your true story with the  Edge listening audience.


Forum users, now's your time to spout off on the air.  The show will be recorded so you can listen tomorrow.


Find information on the web that you feel others should know about?  Want to talk about your website? Are you a prophet, visionary, remote viewer? Here's your chance too!


Thanx to The Edge listeners, our new alien attack puppy has a new name...it's Ripley..





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Thursdays on the Edge, hosted by Andy Radford, will stream and loop throughout the entire day. Stuart Harrison has agreed to come back and answer your questions concerning his interview on 7th July. Listen to some reviews of the latest Google and YouTube videos. Human rights journalist and commentator, Claudia Nelson has kindly submitted some of her articles to be narrated on air and I have some interesting updates regarding Bee Colony Collapse Disorder.

Claudia Nelson is an international journalist living abroad in Argentina. She is conducting investigations into military dictatorship, the ¨Dirty War¨and how all these are linked to the CIA 

Website Click Here

Stuart Harrison answering questions about his book The Spirit of Jezebel and your comments concerning his interview on the 7th July 2007
roadwales.jpg (22314 bytes) Featuring a North Wales road protest, folk song, written by John Butler.

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Andy Radford , will host The Edge from our UK Studio's next week, July 7th. His guest will be Stuart Harrison.

Andy is The Edge technical director.

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About the guest host for this Saturday

Andy Radford is a journalist, author, and anti toxics and human rights campaigner. Andy is also the Technical Director of the Edge Radio Broadcast. “A questioning mind is a vital tool for seeking truth and spiritual freedom,” he states. “Any one who pulls themselves away from the flood of blind thinking, knowing that anger and ridicule follows is ultimately very brave.” Andy goes on to say, “Although I might not agree with some views expressed on the Edge or elsewhere, I will defend an individuals right to hold these views and voice them through any media, regardless of boundaries imposed by governments, religions and individuals, just as long as these views do not seek to harm others. If we begin to impose censorship on any one person’s opinion/belief, and think it is the correct way forward, then we open a darkest door of social and spiritual injustice. Once through this gateway we accept the fact that our own view will be censored by those who seek to conquer and control our minds.” Here is the link to Andy's full bio..


July 7th, 2007 

Stuart Harrison

The Spirit of Jezebel 

The Mystery of Iniquity and the Strong Delusion

Stuart Harrison. After a 10 year prayer about how to overcome the world and his flesh, this ‘Divine Revelation’ (Stuart's book) has finally come having reached it’s time for release.  Taken from the churches to learn the truth of the Christian Faith, this book has been tested in the ‘Blood of the Lamb’ and confirmed directly by the Creator.  All preconceptions were challenged resulting was a near total collapse of Stuart's fundamentalist beliefs.  Hearing the ‘Voice of the Great Shepherd’ for the first time allowed those foundations to be rebuilt in rock instead of hard-sand, which was a shocking experience.  After the head-knowledge was stripped away, the Creator then had room to install these revelations from scratch.  Hidden since the foundations of the world and fulfilling the promise to have them revealed in the ‘Last Days’ – now available for all to read.  This is a direct message from the Creator to ALL who say they believe in his saviour Yahushua the ‘only’ true Messiah.  So that ALL are without excuse as the Great Tribulation comes upon the earth and is used as the Father’s ‘threshing floor’ to divide the wheat from the chaff.  All believers can now take a step-back and a fresh look at what they believe in and follow.  Our heavenly Father wants everyone who struggles with this information to go directly to him alone for personal confirmation, as head-knowledge belongs to the ‘fallen flesh and entrapped soul’.  This message has the power to shatter all invisible chains of bondage and all praise, all honour and all glory goes to the Creator for his mercy and grace.


June 30th, 2007

Ed Gungor

There is More to The Secret


You've read Rhonda Byrne’s best-selling work, The Secret.  The Question :  Is There Is More to The Secret?


Ed Gungor  06.30.07

Ed Gungor is a rare wonder in the American church—a veteran pastor with a strong aversion to “religion,” who often conducts well-informed discussions on philosophy and church history but can’t go more than two sentences without laughing at his own jokes.  He became a follower of Christ as a teenager in the early 1970’s and has been deeply involved in the spiritual formation of others for over thirty-five years.  Ed has a passion for authentic transformation, a phenomenon he feels is all too rare in today’s church.  “Christianity is like a cough,” he muses.  “Standing at a safe distance and imitating someone else’s cough is nothing like getting close and catching it yourself.”

 As a self-described “church futurist,” he is constantly aware of the changing needs of the next generation of Christians, the ones who haven’t yet experienced spiritual formation.  To effectively communicate the gospel to this group, he believes our notion of “destiny” in the American church needs to be re-imagined.  Ed longs to see believers willing to abandon their Christianized versions of the self-important American Dream, embracing instead the miraculous, surprising and contagious Christianity that comes when they see themselves as the servants of God who find their home with Messiah and his people as they participate in the mission of God (mission dei). 

Ed is known for his down-to-earth, engaging communication style.  With transparency and his own unique brand of wry humor, he cuts through the usual “church-speak,” gleefully slaughtering any sacred cows that distort the true message of Christ.  He is the author of several books, including Religiously Transmitted Diseases: Finding a Cure When Faith Doesn’t Feel Right.  He is currently working on his fifth book, The Vow: An Ancient Path of Spiritual Formation That Still Transforms Today, which is scheduled for release in early 2008 (Thomas Nelson, Inc.).  His current release is entitled There Is More to the Secret. 

For more information, visit http://edgungor.com/


Daniel talked with Andy from our UK Studio's for a  few minutes before Steve Elswick.  Select June 23rd from the Select Entire Show drop down box under the Player.



June 23rd, 2007

Steve Elswick

ExtraOrdinary Science and Tesla Technology


Steve Elswick  06.23.07

Steve Elswick, BSEE—the former editor of ExtraOrdinary Science magazine and a founder of the Int'l Tesla Society. As a graduate of the University of Colorado, he was recognized as the IEEE Region 5 Outstanding Student Member. Later, he was recognized as the International Tesla Society's 1990 Man of the Year. Throughout his career, Steve  has placed special emphasis on Tesla’s research, as well as 21st century science and technology in all fields including alternative medicine and alternative energy.

In 1996, he left the Tesla Society to form Exotic Research. However, like millions of other Americans who were thousands of miles from ground zero, Steve was deeply impacted by 9-11. His business was demolished by the economic devastation left in 9-11’s wake.  Within a year after losing everything but the shirt on his back, Mr. Elswick located funding and was able to launch TeslaTech, Inc and its flagship magazine, ExtraOrdinary Technology. It is in its fifth year of publication.

 More information on ExtraOrdinary Technology can be found at: - http://www.teslatech.info



June 16th, 2007

Bill Dankenbring

Angels, Women, Sex, Giants, UFOs

 -what on earth is going on?


Bill Dankenbring  06.16.07

Watch Edge Interview Trailer



Bill Dankenbring is a writer of magazine articles and books, publisher of Prophecy Flash magazine, and speaker on "Prophecy Flash" radio, William F. Dankenbring began Triumph Prophetic Ministries in January, 1987. He formed a company called Triumph Publishing.  He first published The Keys to Radiant Health, which was later published in a mass market paperback edition.  Then he wrote and finished a second book, book, entitled The First Genesis:  A New Case for Creation.  This was later republished with a slightly different title, First Genesis – the Creation-Evolution Controversy.   Following on the heels of that, he wrote and published The Children’s Creation Book, with many full-color pictures of some of the mysterious creatures in Nature. 


Then he published The Last Days, a book on Bible prophecies for the end times, followed by  Beyond Star Wars, a book about catastrophism during human history – Noah’s Flood, the Babel cataclysm, the Exodus catastrophe, Hezekiah’s sun dial episode, and the cause of these and other disasters – Satan the devil’s fall from heaven and subsequent rebellion against the rulership of God..  This also was put out in a mass market paperback edition by Tyndale House publishers. During this time he began publishing Prophecy Flash magazine, a bi-monthly 88 page in-depth look at the cause of world problems, ancient history, and the solution to world problems, from a Biblical point of view. 


  At this time he wrote and published America and Great Britain – Our Identity Revealed;  Ephraim and Manasseh in the End of Days, a 450 page 8 ½ by 11 inch book focusing on the ancient roots of the Anglo-Saxon peoples, and their incredible role in Biblical times and in the fast-approaching times of the apocalypse.




June 9th, 2007   

Walter Bosley

Extraordinary Phenomena


Walter Bosley 06.09.07

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Walter Bosley is a world traveling author and explorer of extraordinary phenomena. He has served as a counterintelligence specialist during the final years of the Cold War for the FBI and served as a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations running counterespionage operations. For the past seven years, Walter has been a personal security and anti-terrorism consultant for corporate and private clients around the world. In addition, he founded The Lost Continent Library Publishing Company, a small press that specializes in classic adventure fiction, including his own works under the pseudonym 'E.A.Guest.'  Walter has been a guest on Coast to Coast Live with Ian Punnett, The Kevin Smith Show and as often co-host of Radio Mysterioso with Greg Bishop, where he discussed in greater detail his upcoming book, Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom.






June 2nd, 2007 

Robert Baird

World Mysteries


Robert Baird 06.02.07

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Robert Baird believes that history is a web of journalistic intrigue written to benefit those who have been in charge. They won the wars they generated through their NEEDS, and usurped the knowledge of sincere adepts, like Jesus and Buddha. There is no real new insight in this perspective but in this book you will start the process of seeing for yourself just how incredible the gamesmanship or forgery has been. Lactantius was the tutor for the house of Constantine who edited the Bible and designed much of what Christianity has become. This ancient sage was an early promoter of the Flat Earth and he noted there ‘will always be those who will lie and forge for religion’.

It is his hope that you can assist the enlightenment that must occur once you see some of the forensic and archaeological information now available. Perhaps more importantly he hopes you will find roots to all religion which must develop tolerance and ecumenicism if we are to endure as a species on this planet hurtling ever faster through the unlimited creative and awesome universe we are blessed with.

He issure there are reasons why the great sage Lao Tzu went to see the Ancient Masters of the Tarim Basin where the Red-Heads developed most of the technology and other social systems that we are now finding spread around the world. His speculations that seek to integrate various facts of sciences are not the final answer and he looks forward to the reader assisting him in helping bring the ‘Brotherhood’ back to the forefront of life on Earth.

About five years ago - he decided he would not play ball in the material world anymore and then began to fight the system. For the past three years he have been writing about a book every six weeks. Most people can't imagine how much it means to create and give your every loving fiber in your soul.








May 26th, 2007 

Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

NAFTA Super Highway & North American Union

Possible Constitution Party Presidential Candidate


Jerome Corsi 05.26.07

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Jerome R. Corsi is a staff writer for WND. He received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in political science in 1972 and has written many books and articles, including co-authoring with John O'Neill the No. 1 New York Times best-seller, "Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry." Corsi's most recent book was authored with Michael Evans: "Showdown with Nuclear Iran." Dr. Corsi's other recent books include "Black Gold Stranglehold: The Myth of Scarcity and the Politics of Oil," which he co-authored with WND columnist Craig. R. Smith, and "Atomic Iran."





May 19th, 2007

 Texe Marrs  - Codex Magica:

Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols

 and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati  


Texe Marrs 05.19.07

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Picture of Texe MarrsTexe Marrs a well-known author of the #1 landmark national Christian bestseller, Dark Secrets of the New Age,  has also written 35 other books for such major publishers as Simon & Schuster, John Wiley, Prentice Hall/Arco, Stein & Day, and Dow Jones-Irwin. His books have sold over two million copies.

Texe Marrs was assistant professor of aerospace studies, teaching American Defense Policy, strategic weapons systems, and related subjects at the University of Texas at Austin from 1977 to 1982. He has also taught international affairs, political science, and psychology for two other universities. A graduate Summa Cum Laude from Park College, Kansas City, Missouri, he earned his Master’s degree at North Carolina State University.

As a career USAF officer (now retired), he commanded communications-electronics and engineering units. He holds a number of military decorations, including the Vietnam Service Medal, and served in Germany, Italy, and throughout Asia.

President of Power of Prophecy Ministries and RiverCrest Publishing in Austin, Texas, Texe Marrs is a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows throughout the U.S.A. and Canada in response to the public’s search for greater insight into Bible prophecy, secret societies, the New Age movement, and world affairs. His reference book, NewAge Cults and Religions, is the classic guide to New Age groups while his bestselling books, Circle of Intrigue, Project L. U. C.I.D., and Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos, explain world events and the drive by conspiratorial forces for a New World Order. Texe Marrs’ monthly newsletter is distributed to tens of thousands of subscribers around the world. His radio program, Power of Prophecy, is beamed to over 125 nations around the globe.

Guest  Website




May 12th, 2007 

Dr. Robert Duncan

Energy Weapons & Testing


Robert Duncan 05.12.07

Watch Edge Interview Trailer 


Dr. Robert Duncan holds multiple degrees from Harvard University and Dartmouth College amongst others. He has had the most expensive American education money can buy. He is an investigator, author, and soon be movie producer on the topics of directed energy, neurological weapons, psychological, and information warfare. His movie is called "The Enemy Within - Psychic Warfare". A book he is co-authoring will be out in a few months called "Hacking the Human Mind".

As a independent investigator Robert Duncan will discuss directed energy and neurological weapons and his contention that they've been tested on the public at large. While directed energy is used in microwaves, to remove kidney stones, and in non-invasive surgery, it's also been developed extensively for military purposes, he reports.

The civilian population was targeted for experiments, in programs such as MK-ULTRA, starting after WW II, when Nazi scientists were imported to the US, some working on scalar or gravity weapons, said Duncan. The town of Taos, NM, where a hum was heard by many citizens, was the subject of a directed energy experiment by the U.S. Navy, he claimed. And most recently the Active Denial System (see article below) was tested on human subjects.

Duncan says he interviewed over 600 mind control victims, and found some validity to their allegations. There are weapons that can project voices into people's heads such as one system known as "The Voice of God," he detailed. Blocking techniques include jamming the signals with electronic scramblers, and using shields with metal alloys or mylar. He recommends the following websites for further information/assistance:
mindjustice.org, raven1.net, freedomfchs.com.



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