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The Edge Thursday Show

 November 1st, 2007

Hosted by Andy Radford from the Edge's UK Studio

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Gina Romano Interviews Lt. Eric Shine about civilians being tried in US military courts. Lt. Shine's emergency bulletin was played on last week's Thursday Show and will be replayed on this show. Also on the Show: Audio submitted by Author Richard Vizzutti, describing reptilian entities and much more.


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Saturday October 27th, 2007

Brad Steiger

Ghosts, Monsters and The Unexplained



Brad Steiger 10.27.07


Brad Steiger Master Ghost Hunter will be Daniel's guest this Saturday for a ghostly good conversation. Brad Steiger is the author/coauthor of 154 books with over 17 million copies in print. His first published articles on the unexplained appeared in 1956, and he has now written more than 2,000 articles with paranormal themes. From 1970-'73, his weekly newspaper column, The Strange World of Brad Steiger, was carried domestically in over 80 newspapers and overseas from Bombay to Tokyo. "The unseen world is very near," says Steiger, who adds that he believes ghosts are all around us. The Bell Witch case (Steiger recommends this DVD about it) from the 1820's is one of the most extreme accounts of a poltergeist, involving murder, objects appearing out of thin air, and a voice that made future predictions. Another intriguing case involves a "talking" mongoose on the Isle of Man, which may actually have been an animal possessed by a spirit, says Steiger. He suggests that if people are concerned over possession they follow tips posted on his website. Brad has been a guest on Jeff Rense and Coast to Coast as well as many other shows.

Brad's Website

Some of Brad's books include:

Shadow World: True Encounters with Beings from the Darkside
Monsters Among Us

The Werewolf Book

Strange Guests

Halloween Facts

The Edge Thursday Show

October 25th, 2007

Hosted by Andy Radford from The Edge's UK Studio 


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On this week's Thursday Show, Edge Correspondent Gina Romano interviews a victim of Covert Surveillance and Electronic Harassment. Gina explains: "Cassandra is a victim of gang stalking and electromagnetic weaponry harassment.  Her experience started in 2002 when she was working for a prestigious law firm in Washington, D.C.  Soon, she was let go from her job and the stalking followed her to her home. It even followed her on her weekly trips to Baltimore, MD.  In 2007, the electromagnetic weaponry torture campaign began.  She endured seizures, trembling and tingling in her feet and legs, and strange sounds began following her around her house.  Cassandra then took it upon herself to begin searching the internet for answers.  While searching for the words “see through walls”, she found Freedom from Covert Harassment & Surveillance." Cassandra says she is under “real-time” surveillance and has suffered mail tampering, home and cellphone tampering, GPS tracking in her car, T.V. satellite tampering and gas lighting techniques and electromagnetic weaponry torture.  Listen to Cassandra as she talks openly to Edge Correspondent Gina Romano. I will also read a brief statement submitted by Edge advisor and Correspondent, Dr. Robert Duncan.


Also on the show: Indoctrinated racism. Why is it so ingrained into the our language and society? Referring to information submitted by Edge listener, Steve Owens, I take look into this subject.


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The Edge Thursday Show

October 18th, 2007

Hosted by Andy Radford from The Edge's UK Studio 


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The Thursday Show 18th, October

2007, hosted by Andy Radford from The Edge's UK Studio


On this week's Thursday Show, Edge Correspondent Jason Offutt, interviews Mac Tonnies, Author of "After the Martian Apocalypse: Extraterrestrial Artifacts and the Case for Mars Exploration. A superb discussion covering the face on mars to the possible existence of "Crypto Terrestrials", earth-bound aliens. Also on the show: The devastation after the Hiroshima atom bomb and audio describing HAARP. Click Thursday  Links for full program notes, videos and associated links.


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Saturday October 20th, 2007 

Ann Andrews from England

Walking Between Worlds: Belonging to None


Ann Andrews 10.20.07

Ann Andrews will be talking about abductions. Alien abduction typically runs in families - and Ann Andrews came from a long line of abductees.  Although it wasn't until her son's experiences accelerated that she began having dreams and was given back long hidden memories, which enabled her to accept and cope with what was going on with her youngest son Jason. What sets Jason apart from the many other young children who are now being born with exceptional multi-dimensional abilities is that Jason is not only an abductee, but is himself of extraterrestrial origin and he explains that "Technically we are all extraterrestrials, because there is no one amongst you who 'comes' from here." After years of uncertainty, Jason progressed from an initial standpoint of fear and terror to the point in his teens when he began accepting "their" teachings and to acknowledge who he is - one of many Indigo or Star Children here on Earth helping humanity to evolve to the next step.  Jason says he came to our planet with two purposes: "I wanted to experience what it was like to be human, and as a human, I would be in a better position to help the rest of you when the time comes." Now that Jason has "awakened" to who he truly is, he welcomes their interaction and works with the ETs. He has developed into a powerful psychic with amazing healing abilities. Walking Between Worlds - Belonging to None raises the bar when it comes to alien abduction books.  Like many, Walking offers a fascinating account of strange and unusual events; yet it also takes us into new realms of possibilities where humanity takes its place as Cosmic Citizens; realizing our divine destiny where the Earth becomes a station of light, a point of great radiance and vitality, beaming out into the Universe.

“It is an undisputed scientific fact that what looks and feels to us like a solid object, such as a table, is also, on an energetic level, a mass of moving, dynamic particles in a sea of energy. We see the 'solid' table because we vibrate on that frequency.  Imagine a life in which you could see or interact in both those realities – and more. Jason, and others like him, does just this. If you are reading this, then your curiosity has been tickled. Read the book and learn of a wider reality than the one you have been taught to believe in.”

Fran Pickering. Author of a wide range of books for children.

“Ann and Jason Andrews are personal friends. They are also fellow experiencers of contact with beings from places other than this planet. From both these perspectives I can endorse and recommend this story of Jason's unusual and very real adventures in different dimensions.”

Mike Oram. Author of Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?

“Many of the incidents recorded in the book strike the rational mind as quite impossible to accept. And yet, as one who has listened to Jason’s public addresses in the last twelve months, such is his quiet but obvious self-belief, in the end one has little choice but to accept his testimony at face value, however humbling this may prove to be. And yet, there potential for enormous growth in such a process; which in our own limited way, is equally as important and monumental an expansion as that which the likes of Ann and Jason have undergone.” 

Ben Fairhall. Book Reviewer



Saturday October 13th, 2007 

Marko Rodin


Marko Rodin 10.13.07

Marko Rodin has made a fantastic discovery, please understand that you must set aside many commonly held belief systems of the way the world works in order to fully comprehend the completely new truths that are embodied in this discovery.

Vortex-based math truly explains everything that ever was, is, and ever will be in the universe, perfectly, with no omissions. As Russell Blake, senior researcher from Microsoft, has said of Marko's work, "This fantastic coherence has existed since the beginning of time but has yet to be harnessed by mankind and the potential is truly mind-boggling." Thus, we invite you to charge forward with all your mind, heart and soul into the enchanting realm we like to call The Rodin Experience.

Mathematics as we know it today is only a tool to symbolize quantities. It simply and shamelessly helps the greedy king count his coins. Vortex-Based Mathematics (VBM) is completely different because it is a dynamic math that shows the relationships and thus the qualities of numbers rather than the quantities. Within VBM numbers are not symbols that stand for something else, NUMBERS ARE REAL AND ALIVE. But what exactly does that mean you ask, well...

At the age of fifteen Marko Rodin projected his mind as far as he could across the universe and asked the question, "What is the secret behind intelligence?" Due to his gift of intense focus or because it was time for him to know the answer, his stomach muscles turned to iron and as he was literally lifted forward he answered out loud, "I understand." What he had gleaned from his query was that all intelligence comes from a person's name. This led him to understand that not only do our personal names and the language they are spoken in highly affect our personalities but that the most important names are the names of God.  The fact that The Most Great Name of God equaled 9 seemed very important to him as everything he had read in both the Bahai scriptures and other religious text spoke of nine being the omni-potent number. So next he drew out a circle with nine on top and 1 through 8 going around the circle clockwise. Then he discovered a very intriguing number system within this circle. Marko knew he had stumbled upon something very profound. This circle with its hidden number sequence was the "Symbol of Enlightenment." This is the MATHEMATICAL FINGER PRINT OF GOD.


Marko's Website




The Edge Thursday Show

October 11th, 2007

Hosted by Andy Radford from The Edge's UK Studio 


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Burma: 100s of Buddhist Monks and innocent citizens slaughtered as they peacefully protest for their freedoms. Also on the show, the concentration camps of the US, an audio describing one of the sites. 

This week's Thursday Show Guest is Jeff Woolwine, talking about his first hand experience and filming of mysterious flying entities that are depicted on ancient rocks, drawn by an ancient race of the US. Check out Jeff's website here 

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Saturday October 6th, 2007 

David Livingstone

Terrorism and the Illuminati:

A Three Thousand Year History


David Livingstone

David Livingstone is the author of The Dying God: The Hidden History of Western Civilization. His most recent book is Terrorism and the Illuminati: A Three Thousand Year History. David converted to Islam in 1991, and has since committed himself to further understanding the true meaning of the religion. His first book, The Dying God, was completed following thirteen years of research, and studies the evolution of the occult from ancient times to successful coup d'etats of the Illuminati, the French and American revolutions.

Knowing that terrorism was contrary to the principles of Islam, David began to investigate the dubious relationships between Islamic fundamentalism and Western imperialism. This study led him to the current book, Terrorism and the llluminati, which exposes the sinister relationship between radical Islamic organizations, and their continuing association with Western secret societies, towards the common goal of fomenting a Clash of Civilizations, the chaos from which can emerge a New World Order.

Essentially, the book exposes this relationship as a core myth of Freemasonry, and as one that has ostensibly been maintained since the first contact of the Knights Templar and the Ismaili Assassins of Egypt, during the Crusades. And back further still, tracing the aristocratic bloodlines that composed these relationships, and who continue to be involved in this process to this day.




The Edge Thursday Show

October 4th, 2007

Hosted by Andy Radford from The Edge's UK Studio 


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For the New World Order to work there has to be mechanisms in place, at grassroots level, to slowly turn the minds of the masses, machinery that works to transform the way individuals think. This has to be done is such a way that the NWO's dark agenda can creep in unnoticed, like a thief in the night. In the UK an organization called Common Purpose appears to fulfill this role, portraying itself as a charity with amiable, politically correct philosophies. Cultural diversity, ethical reasoning and politically correct sentiments are wonderful, noble causes that seek to harmonize and do no harm, of that there is no question. These are buzz-words in British society today and on the face of it Common Purpose seems to work on these lines, handpicking Britain's future leaders, based on this clean and gleaming idea. However, as one looks deeper into this organization a sinister beast, behind the clean facade, rears into view. People have claimed that death threats have been levied as a result of questioning the ethics of Common Purpose. Common purpose are a highly secretive and they have installed their representatives into all levels of society, the Government, local governments, police forces, National Health Service and even our schools. I talk to Stuart Harrison, the Edge's UK NWO Correspondent about this organization and the issues surrounding it.


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Saturday September 29th, 2007 

Keith Robinson

Creation vrs Evolution


Keith Robinson

Keith Robinson has dedicated his life to teaching others about the evidence for creation and against evolution.  He began his research into the Creation/Evolution debate back in 1998 when he taught the subject in his adult Sunday School class at South Suburban Christian Center in Matteson, Illinois, where he was the Minister of Music for 4 years. 

 Since then, the Origin of Life debate has been his passion and his calling.  He has presented his research findings to school district administrators, fellow teachers, students and church members.  His interest in the topic of Creation and Evolution has led him to write both a full-length dramatic play, and a science fiction novel dealing with the issue. Logic’s End: A Novel about the Origin of Life is his first novel, and he is currently working on two sequels.   

Keith has a new book called Logics End.

Summary: In the near future, when planetary space travel has become possible, a NASA planet-finder telescope discovers a planet that has the necessary requirements to produce life. Rebecca Evans, a staunch evolutionary scientist, is one of the people chosen to visit the planet. After arriving on the surface, she is kidnapped and finds herself caught in the middle of an ongoing planetary war between alien clans.

Keith Robinson... draws you into the adventure and keeps you wondering what lies around the next rock." ~ Ron Auch, author of nine books on Christian Living

"Logic's End is the most fascinating... journey for truth that leads the characters and reader to conclusions about the origins of life. Stunning!" ~ Nita Horn, best selling author of The Ahriman Gate

Mr. Robinson resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with his two sons, Alejandro and Sebastián, and his 110 pound old-English sheepdog named Osa. 

Guest website


The Edge Thursday Show

September 27th, 2007

Hosted by Andy Radford from The Edge's UK Studio 



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  , hosted by Andy Radford. STARTS 9:00 AM EST and loops through the day until around 8:00 PM EST (times are just a guide)


This is a special Omnibus Edition of the Thursday Show, playing selected interviews from previous shows that were aired during July and August. I will be playing this type of show, on occasions, to recap on important guests and subject matter. This show lasts for around 2 hours 30 minutes, but it will loop throughout the day.


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Saturday September 22nd, 2007  

John Kachuba



John Kachuba


John Kachuba is the author of Ghosthunters: On the Trail of Mediums, Dowsers, Spirit Seekers and Other Investigators of America’s Paranormal World. Kachuba is a first-rate storyteller who provides chilling accounts of his adventures at over 80 haunted locations across America. He's a frequent speaker at libraries, conferences, and on radio and TV. In addition to Ghosthunters, he is also the author of Ghosthunting Ohio, Ghosthunting Illinois, and other books unrelated to the paranormal. His articles and short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and journals. Kachuba lives in Athens, Ohio, one of America’s most haunted towns, and teaches Creative Writing there at Ohio University.  John has investigated more than 100 haunted locations in the U.S., will share his observations about ghostly activity, and speak about techniques and trends in ghosthunting. He says ghosts could represent a parallel or alternate world that bumps up against ours and that spirits sometimes seem to attach themselves to physical objects. 

Kachuba has recorded EVPs at haunted hotspots, such as an asylum, where a whispering voice was clearly heard asking "would you help us?" Recording instruments seem to have the ability to pick things up that are beyond the range of human hearing, and spirits, whether they are aware or not of the recording, are showing a desire to communicate or get attention, he says.


For more information, see www.JohnKachuba.com





The Edge Thursday Show

September 20th, 2007

Hosted by Andy Radford from The Edge's UK Studio 



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The latest sinister updates concerning Graham Haus' UFOs. Also on the show. My family's experience of the Monsanto chemical plant that has blighted my village, the campaign, the heartache, the major accidents. My wife's Grandfather who said on the night of a major chemical leak: "Take the children, don't worry about me I have had my time." HOW DARE a corporate industry put him in that position - HOW DARE THEY!!! Also on the show. Music, prose and introducing new Edge Correspondents. Due to technical difficulties in the Edge UK Studio this is the show that should have been aired on the 13th September.


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