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January 14th, 2006

Dave vonKleist
Writer - Producer-

Talk Radio Host: "The Power Hour"



Dave vonKleist 01.14.06

Dave vonKleist will be talking about the shocking evidence and smoking guns of the 9/11 conspiracy. His video, "In Plane Site" is the standard for evidence of a cover up and of government pre-knowledge and even participation of the worst attack on America since Pearl Harbor. Dave has spent his career in the broadcast industry as a professional TV/radio announcer and as a professional vocalist for commercials. He was staff announcer at various radio stations and hosted The Dave Riddell Show, a three-hour afternoon drive time talk show at WATR AM-1320, Waterbury, Connecticut.  Dave is an accomplished musician, vocalist, songwriter and performer of over thirty years. Other accomplishments are writing and directing the comedy television show “Spotlight Tonight”. Voted “Best Show” and “Best Directed” show in the Laurel Cable Awards, 1984.

He and his wife Joyce Riley vonKleist presently co-host The Power Hour, a radio talk show, and devote most of their time to obtaining assistance for sick Gulf War veterans through the American Gulf War Veterans Association in Versailles, Missouri.


In Plane Site

The Power Hour



Bonus Music Free From Dave


Bush Bumper Bonus Disc


1. Lets Roll

2. Bomb Maker

3. Addicted to War

4. Favorite Things

5. My Generation

6. The Gambler

7. Lucy's Tiger Den

8. Catch a Taliban

9. Strangers in the Night

10. Till There Was You

11. Imagine



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January 7th, 2006

Craig Power  



Craig Power   01.07.05

Craig Power A.K.A powerup, asks the question is the New Testament true? Could Christians believers be following a Babylonian pagan myth and the real story of who Jesus/Yahshua was, be covered up and changed by Babylonian Mystery school hierarchy in an effort to universalise their Sun Gods belief on the unsuspecting masses.

Craig Power an avid Edge listener was a Born Again Christian and basic Christian teacher, who started to look outside of his believed Christian teachings, to find an answer as to why our highly held Christian belief do not reflect love and tolerance but bloodshed and division.

His findings may shock some of The Edge Listeners and may cause them to re-think some of their beliefs.


Craig will be calling from Perth, Australia

The Sherri Shriner clip played on the show   



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December 31st, 2005

David W. Lowe

Supernatural Catalyst for the Coming Global Catastrophe


David Lowe  12.31.05 1st

David Lowe  12.31.05 2nd



David Lowe will be discussing a supernatural catastrophe he believes will hit Earth. With the recent natural disasters capturing the media headlines, everyone is asking the foreboding question: What's next? Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 brought incredible devastation, testing our fortitude and revealing our unpreparedness for such shocking catastrophes. With both events came eyewitness descriptions such as "Armageddon" and "Biblical proportions".
    The cry now being heard is to be more prepared when the next shoe drops. In response, scientists are hypothesizing about what future possible natural disasters would take the most lives, cause the most damage, and generate the biggest monetary losses.
News articles such as this one weigh in on a variety of disasters, ranging from an earthquake under Los Angeles, to an eruption of Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma causing a massive tsunami, to eruption of the Yellowstone National Park supervolcano, to an asteroid or meteor striking the earth. Read this one, which mentions the Yellowstone supervolcano, and this one, which details earthquake preparation training to be held in Washington, D.C.
    Scientists tell us the chances of any one of these catastrophes occurring in our lifetime is improbable at best, if not infinitesimally remote. No doubt these probabilities are accurate . . . lacking some kind of intervening catalyst that could trigger any of one or all of them to occur. Sound far-fetched? Impossible? Think again.
    Earthquake Resurrection explores the possibility of a near-future global catastrophe that will literally be of "Biblical proportions". Discover a shocking link between the resurrection of the dead and earthquakes which could provide that catalyst - a supernatural catalyst - to trigger a series of global catastrophic events which, according to Jesus and the apostle Paul, many will not escape.



Guest Website


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December 17th, 2005

Jon Rappaport - Secret Societies


Note: We experienced technical difficulties  which caused audio problems with interview and broadcast


Jon Rappoport 12.17.05



Jon Rappoport, a frequent guest on Coast to Coast, has worked as a free-lance investigative reporter for 20 years.

He has written articles on politics, health, media, culture and art for LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, Village Voice, Nexus, CBS Healthwatch, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe.

In 1982, the LA Weekly submitted his name for a Pulitzer prize, for his interview with the president of El Salvador University, where the military had taken over the campus.

Jon has hosted, produced, and written radio programs and segments in Los Angeles and Las Vegas (KPFK, KLAV). He has appeared as a guest on over 200 radio and television programs, including ABC's Nightline, Tony Brown's Journal (PBS), and Hard Copy.

In 1994, Jon ran for a seat in the US Congress from the 29th district in Los Angeles.  After six months of campaigning, on a very small budget, he garnered 20 percent of the vote running against an incumbent who had occupied his seat for 20 years.

In 1996, Jon started The Great Boycott, against eight corporate chemical giants: Monsanto, Dow, Du Pont, Bayer, Hoechst, Rhone-Poulenc, Imperial Chemical Industries, and Ciba-Geigy.  The Boycott continues to operate today.

Jon has lectured extensively all over the US on the question: Who runs the world and what can we do about it?

For the last ten years, Jon has operated largely away from the mainstream because, as he puts it, "My research was not friendly to the conventional media."

Over the last 30 years, Jon's independent research has encompassed such areas as: deep politics, conspiracies, alternative health, the potential of the human imagination, mind control, the medical cartel, symbology, and solutions to the takeover of the planet by hidden elites.

A painter, Jon's work has been shown in galleries in Los Angeles and New York. His poetry has been published by The Massachusetts Review.
63 years old, he is a graduate of Amherst College (BA, Philosophy), and lives with his wife, Dr. Laura Thompson, in San Diego.

Guest Website



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December 10th, 2005

Peggy Kane - Reverse Speech

Don't miss this, Peggy has reviewed some Edge audio


Peggy Kane  12.10.05 1st hr

Peggy Kane  12.10.05 2nd hr


Peggy Kane started experimenting 4 years ago with trying to capture EVP (electronic voice phenomena). This is the recording of non-physical voices on digital and tape recorders.  For 3 months I recorded every day and heard virtually nothing.  I finally joined the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena AAEVP and got the technical support that I needed to hear the voices.   

After about a year, I learned that spirit voices were reversible. By reversing what they said, I could hear if they were telling the truth or not.  I began to experiment with reversing their voices as well as my own, and to my astonishment, in reverse, I could hear and speak to them in real time.  I did not need the electronics. We were having back and forth conversations. 

From there, I began to reverse all kinds of people who were speaking publicly as well as continuing to have conversations with non-physical people.  Everyone, it seems, speaks in reverse.  I also found that there were many phrases that were not very clear, but they were intelligently dealing with the forward conversation.  I could actually listen to the whole story of what that individual was really thinking, whether they were conscious of it or not. 

I began to hear about our true history, agendas behind political events, probable futures, and what was going on behind the scenes interdimensionally. I now consider the outer reality to be a kind of bad Disneyland.  The lies and deception that we encounter every day are simply beyond belief. 

 I also came to the attention of certain extraterrestrials who then began to speak on my recorders.  As a matter of fact, they speak on everyone’s recordings whether the person recording is conscious of that or not. 

This is a 4-year journey so far along with literally thousands of hours of listening to thousands of conversations from people in the physical world, alien entities and spirit humans.  I have reversed people in all walks of life and have found essentially everyone tells the same story of what is going on here.  It makes no difference what they consciously believe to be true, the basic story remains the same, and a very big story it is. 

Peggy's website and blog:



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SHERRI SHRINER - Shape Shifting Aliens


Sherri Shriner 12.03.05

Sherri Shriner currently hosts 2 radio shows on the Paranormal, UFO's, Aliens, the New World Order, Joint human and alien underground bases, the shadow government, black projects and much more and how it relates to end time prophesies and last days events. 

Sherry runs 10 websites on the internet including: http://www.sherryshriner.com http://www.thewatcherfiles.com  http://www.hiddencodes.com  http://www.sherrytalkradio.com

Sherry says she has been called by the Lord to stand up and speak about the UFO and Alien Agenda in these last days and the Coming UFO Invasion to America. Through Bible Codes and Divine Revelations from the Lord she is exposing the Strongholds of the Devil, the New World Order and the Rise of the Antichrist.

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Intelligent Design vrs. Evolution


Brooks Agnew PhD. 12.03.05


Noah's Ark & Creation Physicist Brooks Agnew discusses Noah's Ark and the age and origin of the Earth. He believes the Earth is both 7,000 years old and 4.5 billion years old. To account for this seeming contradiction, Agnew's creation theory proposes there are two Earths: one temporal (physical), the other spiritual. "Those two Earths were brought together to make this living, vibrating planet upon which we live," he says.


According to Agnew, the Genesis account describes the creation of two "water planets" separated by heaven. One of the planets, the spiritual one upon which Noah resided, was moved like an Ark across the "cosmic sea" to our solar system through a black hole. Agnew speculates that black holes were created for the purpose of traveling from one point in the universe to another.

His book Ark of a Million years is considered THE handbook for intelligent design evidence.



Guest Website


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NOVEMBER 26th,2005


End Time Revelations For America & the World
Hidden in Scriptures, Dreams, & Visions

David Eells  11.26.05 1st hr

David Eells  11.26.05 2nd hr

David Eells. Daniel's interview with David Eells was so enlightening we have asked him to come back on the show this  night! Get your recording equipment ready. 30 years of research on end times shows in David's knowledge. Since he was a year old in the Lord he has been receiving word of knowledge and wisdom concerning doctrines and end time events. David says he has been re-ordained by God to bring His people from spiritual Babylon to the safety of spiritual Zion.

Guest Website


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NOVEMBER 19th, 2005

Michael Tsarion - Atlantis and the Origin of Evil


Michael Tsarion 11.19.05

Michael Tsarion, an expert on the occult histories of Ireland and America, has made the deepest researches into the comparative mythologies of the world and into his own country's ancient and mysterious Celtic Tradition. His presentations on Atlantis, Lemuria and the pre-diluvian epoch have been acclaimed by veterans in the field of paranormal research. In the tradition of Comyns Beaumont, Ignatius Donnelly, Immanuel Velikovsky, William Bramley, Barbara Marciniak, Laurence Gardener and Erich von Daniken, Michael considers the consequences to civilization of extra-terrestrial involvement and seeks to clarify many of the quandaries that other "visitation" experts have overlooked. His book clarifies the disinformation about Atlantis and the lost continents of prehistory. It concentrates on the orchestrated chaos of modern times and reveals how the political and military machinations of the present have their roots in the ancient past. As well as stating the problems, Michael also furnishes us with solutions to the moral and social predicaments that have beset humankind for millennia.

Michael is producer and presenter of the 6 part "Origins and Oracles" series which delves into alternative history, forbidden mysteries, and secret knowledge.


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